We are disrupting Learning and Change because traditional approaches and the outdated models do not work.

Our philosophy is built from a strong collection of beliefs:

  • Organizations are social systems, and local teams have tremendous power in them.
  • The tyranny of the status quo will kill change, culture, and new initiatives at every turn.
  • Leverage exists, but we need new lenses to see it.
  • “Run of the mill” approaches to Learning, Leadership Development and Change are a waste of time.
  • The goal of our work  is to move social systems forward and enable embedment.



What’s in our name

Our name, Like Minds Advisory, serves three purposes:

A warning

Organizations create people who are “like minded”; they domesticate people to ways of working that derail change and innovation.

An Invitation

We work with “like-minded” people who share are:  dissatisfied with how organizations affect behavioural change, and aspire to work together to revolutionize traditional approaches.

A Promise

We “like minds,” and we’ll make you think in new ways, and develop innovative solutions to big problems.

Meet the Team


Based in Colorado, the U.S. team works nationally and within Europe …

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Based in Melbourne, the Australian team works nationally and within Asia.

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