Like Minds Advisory is a small collective of leadership learning experts who share an uncommon philosophy.

Between us, we’ve taught hundreds of Executive Education programs around the world. But while we believed in the content, we were always left with a nagging doubt – does it make a difference?

Theory is all well and good, but learning how to apply it everyday is a skill in itself.  That’s why we’ve developed approaches that focus on the application of leadership in key moments, instead of just teaching abstract concepts and principles.  Yes, we can make a difference.

The culture of every organization is different, making the successful application of leadership theory dependent on a whole range of variables. We set out to bridge the gap between theory and reality, by focusing on application in context, and helping leaders understand how to make the most of the moments that matter.

What’s in our name

Our name was chosen to reflect several key aspects of our philosophy. More than a descriptor of our offering, it serves as:

A warning

Leaders should be cautious about how “like minded” their people are. Organizations domesticate people, they build ways of thinking that are far too alike in their people, making innovation and change more of a challenge.

An Invitation

We work with like-minded people who share our views; people who are looking for a change, and are not satisfied with how things have traditionally been done in the leadership learning space.

A Promise

We like minds.  We like engaging challenges and we like engaging with others.   Putting our minds together,  we can achieve a great performance.

Meet the Team


Based in Colorado, the U.S. team works nationally and within Europe …

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Based in Melbourne, the Australian team works nationally and within Asia.

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