Embedding new ways of working

Learning is at it’s best when it is an active, social, and shared experience.   So we believe in taking learning out of  the classroom, and embedding learning directly into your organization.

By applying sound leadership theory, to the everyday roles in your organization, mindsets can shift, creating a culture of learning that is embedded deep within the everyday behaviours of your workforce.   We build this shift around routines, the regular events around which work happens.  We strengthen existing routines,  and help organizations build new ones and put your leaders at the helm of enabling them.  As a result, your leaders will thrive, making them your organizations best teachers.

Most organizations want to be seen as innovative, and unlock business potential, yet established cultures makes it difficult to embrace fresh thinking.  Let us help unlock the tyranny of the status quo.

“We work alongside your leaders, to change day-to-day routines from the inside, creating fertile spaces for new ideas, great leaders and business results to shine.”

A better way to shape your leaders

When it comes to shaping their leaders, most organizations either hire a consultancy, or a business school. Both have their advantages, but all too often, rely on textbook theory – abstract concepts that don’t take the nuances of an organization into account.

We do things differently.  We bring sound leadership principles, decades of experience, and cutting edge ideas directly into the context of your organization.  We focus on real life application, not abstraction.

Organizations are social systems.  They ‘domesticate’ people to certain assumptions and ways of working  –  some of which may not be entirely productive for the organization.  This “like mindedness” can cripple performance and innovation.

“Organizations looking to execute real change need a partner who can offer a different lens –a leadership learning framework, diagnostics and support, that works with their existing culture, affect the social system in positive ways.”


What we offer

Enabling bold visions – CEO and Executive Team Intensive

We work with CEOs and senior leaders to help them execute their vision for an organization. Most change initiatives merely scratch the surface. We work with leaders to help them understand how they can do things differently, driving change into the heart of an organization, by focusing on the day to day moments that shape its culture.


Leadership Marks – Leader Led Development

Our unique Leadership Marks program, and the ReMark feedback app, helps leaders engage with their team, and measure their impact in real-time. Supported by leader-led training, it helps drive dialogue and shape the great leaders of tomorrow.


Embedding learning – Your HR Partner

Alongside our direct work with leadership teams, we also partner with HR departments to help them rethink the way their leaders learn. Once a client has focused on a leadership direction, we help them effectively embed it into the fabric of their organization.


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