Like Minds Advisory

Accelerating strategy execution
Because disruption and localized learning are your most powerful levers

Like Minds Advisory

Reshaping legacy behavioural norms
Because what people expect of one another is more powerful than what you try to drive.

Like Minds Advisory

Disrupting the status quo
Because your organization’s old habits and “barnacles” are killing tomorrow’s performance.

Like Minds Advisory

Localizing transformational change in the day-to-day
Because habits are the key to performance, and your best performers have different Routines.

Like Minds Advisory

Embedding Learning at Work
Because your people don’t need another program that is “recess” from work

Like Minds Advisory

Leader led learning
Because your leaders are your most critical teachers.

Fix the Right Problems

Strategy execution and change are difficult, because people are stuck in the sludge of old ways of working. Your people have built work habits that belong to the past, while your agenda is planted firmly in the future –we help you bridge those worlds.

We start from a different problem: We diagnose and disrupt legacy behavioural systems to accelerate Strategy Execution. Change doesn’t occur in a vacuum, it occurs amidst day-to-day expectations, routines, and assumptions –all of which are very strong, and many of which are out-of-date and unproductive. You can ignore these patterns, at your peril, or you can harness them to unleash new ways of working.

This is where we work. Organizations have complex social environments that protect the status quo. We address the social web of routines, behavioural norms, and ways of working that conspire to kill change and strategy execution; we find actionable ways for your people to bring your vision to life, within the realities of their day-to-day.

What We Offer

Our name, “Like Mind Advisory,” serves three purposes:

It Is A Warning

Organizations domesticate people, they build ways of thinking that are far too alike in their people . . . leaders should be cautious about how “like minded” their people are

It Is An Offer

We work with people of a “like mind” to us . . . people who want to change the world, and are not satisfied with how things have been done in this space

It Is A Promise

We “like minds” and we’ll make you think differently about how to get great performance

About Us

Founding Philosophy:

Like Minds Advisory was established to provide a unique perspective on strategy execution. We believe strategy execution and leadership are a contact sport; we build learning into how work gets done, using the leverage points that exist in your people’s lives to affect change quickly, and at pace.

Our Approach:

Like Minds Advisory was founded to offer a different lens on strategy execution. There is a rich interplay between strategy, execution, and people; most people oversimplify these interactions, and fail to execute anything new. Integrating learning into everyday work, we leverage key points in your team’s lives to drive rapid and impactful change. Drawing from two decades of global, award-winning experience, we operate from a distinct vantage point and adhere to unique guidelines.

Client Commitment:

We take on a limited number of clients, because quality comes first. We limit our clientele to be true partners, catalysts, and conscience, dedicated to making your vision come to life.

Proven Impact at Scale

Every consultant will tell you that they can impact your people, improve your strategy, and reshape how your people execute; we back up that statement with demonstrated impact, at scale

Revitalizing a Lagging Professional Services Business

Transformed a business with stagnant 3-4% growth to achieve an impressive 18% topline growth within the first 9 months.

Pharma Pipeline Acceleration

Collaborated with the R&D CEO of a Global Pharma company to expedite their pipeline, resulting in a 37% increase in speed of FDA approvals and millions of dollars in value.

Strategic Execution Transformation

Reshaped the strategy execution approach of the largest Australian Law Firm, delivering significant performance improvements across the entire business.

Cultural Change at BHP

Architected a cultural shift at BHP, the world’s largest Natural Resources company, leading to millions of dollars in productivity gains, marked improvement in safety performance, and substantial improvements in Employee Perception Survey results.

Safety Transformation in South Africa

Transformed a 180,000-person mining company in South Africa, reducing safety issues and fatalities by 70%.

Retention Strategy for a Professional Services Firm

Altered the team dynamics and behavioural patterns in one of the world’s largest professional services firms, reducing critical population attrition from 29% to 11% in just one year.

Global Construction Company Impact

Led senior teams in a global construction company to reset global risk management approaches, resulting in a 97% increase in safety observations and sustained improvement in safety performance.

What We Do: Executive Development

We leverage decades of global experience to accelerate strategy execution through our core offerings—Simple Things—customized to your organizational context.  We approach large scale interventions through pilots and a test-and-learn philosophy to ensure continuous improvement.


Strategy Execution Coaching and embedded executive development

Tailored approaches for CEOs and executive teams, focusing on high-impact interventions to build learning from real work, and enhance leadership, alignment, and capabilities.


Social Diagnostics

Uncover breakdowns in culture hindering performance and change, utilizing interview-based diagnostics to identify behavioural norms and leverage points for effective change.



Proprietary frameworks based on Behavioral Economics, Sociology, and Neuroscience to identify and replicate the day-to-day routines of high-performers, ensuring they become the norm across your organization.


Learning and Leadership Development programs and leadership events

Award-winning programs that anchor in real work challenges, provoking change in day-to-day practices. We frequently execute large scale leadership events, and smaller, applied learning programmes anchored in the real challenges of strategy executions.


Leader-led Learning

Transformative leader-led tools and approaches, making leaders the best teachers for impactful, sustainable results. Includes a subscription process that can be integrated into leadership development programs.

Key Thoughts

Our thinking is regularly featured in global publications. Explore our out-of-the-box thinking featured in global publications. Access a collection of our best articles

Key Minds/The Minds

Like Minds Advisory is a collective of leadership learning experts who share the belief that leadership development and organizational change happens socially and in the context of the day to day work environment. We bring provocative ideas about how to impact and shape leaders and organizational culture and performance. This is our passion and our specialty.

Based in Melbourne, the AUS team works nationally and across Asia.

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