Every organization strives for great leaders.
But what do they look like?

No two leaders are the same. But there are three key attributes shared by many of today’s agile leaders.

Great leaders are open

To get the best out of people, you need to let ideas flow.

Great leaders are curious

Asking questions helps create communities of trust.

Great leaders are authentic

People are more relatable, when they show vulnerability.

Leadership Marks Development Program.

Leadership Moments that Matter

Leadership is defined by moments; moments that may not seem significant at the time, but have the power to change your trajectory, and shape long-term success. A good leader recognises such moments when they arrive. Armed with insight, understanding and experience, they make the most of them and excel.

The Leadership Marks program focuses on Leader Led Learning and helps leaders get better in the moments where leadership really matters. From simple everyday routines like meetings and presentations, to the big events that change the direction of an organization, we help leaders track their performance at key moments, helping them understand and hone their skills in an applied way.

How it works

Leadership Marks is a three pronged program  – Learn, Teach, Improve – created for small to mid sized organizations to develop their leaders through Leader Led Learning.  Leader Led Learning is a method for building leadership capabilities in an organization through its own power structure and it’s own business challenges. It is practical and relevant to every organization looking to develop capability and solve issues from within.

The program teaches leaders how to engage their teams while putting their leadership skills into practice, becoming a role model for their team.  The program focuses on critical skills of setting context, creating dialogue, and aligning for action.  Effective leaders, today, need to demonstrate openness, curiosity and vulnerability to truely connect and engage with their teams and to lead from within.  The program provides tools to develop and support these capabilities.

Dialogue is focused around the organization’s issues.  This, coupled with giving and receiving effective feedback creates engagement that prompts leadership moments – those moments where leadership is visible and put into action.  

The Leadership Marks program is cost effective as your leaders stay engaged with their teams and pass their learning on through role-modeling and transferrable skills providing learning at scale.

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‘Make your Mark’ introductory session for leaders, teaching them to seize the moments that matter, grow their skills, and become the best teachers in your organization.


Leaders have access to  a valuable set of Leader Led tools to help them hone their skills, build an open dialogue across organizations, and effectively set the agenda.


Employees provide ongoing feedback via the ReMark app, leaders get valuable insight into their performance.

Learn – it’s time to Make your Mark

On signing up to the program, your leaders are invited to attend a Make Your Mark orientation program, held at your place of business.  Leveraging research and examples from many organizations around the world, it introduces the concept of Leader Led Learning, and sets the scene for on-the-job leadership skill development.

Delivery and feedback in context are crucial to the program. At the end of the session, we introduce the ReMark app, and guide leaders on the best way to deploy, implement and work with the leadership development insights it delivers.

Teach – the tools you need to develop strong leaders

To help leaders create a dialogue with their teams, and apply theory to the context of their everyday roles, we’ve created a series of Leader Led Learning tools. Drawing on our 20 years’ of leadership research and practice, we believe they’ll help your leaders hone their skills and evolve to reach their true potential.

Improve –  with ReMark.  Fast, Frequent Feedback App

ReMark is a unique ongoing feedback app that enables your team to evaluate and comment on leaders’ performance in everyday touchpoints.

More than just measuring approval, the insights gained help leaders track their progress against peers, identify and address key skills development areas to focus on, and become a better leader in no time.

This is a bespoke, anonymous, feedback channel that measures performance in real-time.  Quarterly reporting to the organization or HR function helps identify overarching trends and tracks organizational progress.

ReMark is simple to set-up, refine and deploy, and because it sits securely outside an organization’s main IT infrastructure, is easy to integrate, without conflicting with firewalls.

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Other services

Enabling Bold Visions

We work with CEOs and senior leaders to help them deliver on their vision for an organization. Most change initiatives merely scratch the surface. We work with leaders to help them understand how they can do things differently, driving change at the heart of an organization, by focusing on the day to day moments that shape its culture.


Embedding learning

Alongside our direct work with leadership teams, we also partner with HR departments to help them rethink the way their leaders learn. Once a client has focused on a leadership direction, we help them effectively embed it into the fabric of their organization.