Enabling Bold Visions

We help leaders and CEOs create and implement a bold vision.

Successful leaders today need to be able to get large groups of people focused on the key business aspects that matter most.  The CEO leads this charge through role modeling and it cascades through layers of management below.  We help CEOs and Executive Teams understand their impact and empower their leaders to put their vision for the organization into action.

Your leaders are your best teachers; their openness, curiosity and relatability, paired with a compelling vision, can be an inspiration to your entire workforce.   They can help identify the real knowledge experts working in an organization, and leverage local wisdom.

Built around the thinking of Todd Warner, founder of Like Minds Advisory, we bring senior, like minded advisors to the table to devise and implement whole-scale change programs.

Having worked with Fortune 100 companies the world over, our insights can help you turn bold vision into definitive action.


Other services

Leadership Marks – Leader Led Learning

Our unique Leadership Marks program, and the ReMark feedback app, helps leaders engage with their team, and measure their impact in real-time. Supported by leader-led training, it helps drive dialogue and shape the great leaders of tomorrow.


Embedding learning – Your HR Partner

Alongside our direct work with leadership teams, we also partner with HR departments to help them rethink the way their leaders learn. Once a client has focused on a leadership direction, we help them effectively embed it into the fabric of their organization.