Social diagnostics

Because what people expect of one another is more powerful than what you try to drive

Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats Strategy for breakfast,” but do you know where your Culture eats?  Our approaches will uncover where your culture breaks down to inhibit performance and change.  We latch onto high leverage points in your social system to ensure that changes stick.  Culture change is not about posters and project plans, it is about how work is done day-to-day—we have the know-how to make change stick.

While many project teams will treat “change” as a Gant Chart and a stakeholder map, we understand that change does not happen in a vacuum –it happens amidst vibrant day-to-day perceptions, priorities, and ways of working.  We work to understand what the status quo, the power structure, and the social networks drive . . . and then we will help you identify the high leverage ways to rewire them.