Learning/leadership events

Because your people don’t need another program that is “recess” from work

We’ve won global awards for work on multiple continents, and have worked with senior executive teams around the world in every industry imaginable to enable different ways of working.  We run learning programs, but they are never “recess” from work –they anchor themselves in the challenges and realities that define how work is done, and what has impact.  While “learning” is often the remit of Human Resources, we don’t think it is “G-Rated”.  Learning should provoke, align, and translate into making things different day-to-day. 

For too long, organizations have viewed development through the warped prism of competency maps, abstracted outcomes, and theoretical models –but leadership is a social act.  If you don’t understand the social system in which it operates, you can’t understand how to improve it.  Leadership is about application, not theory. 

This is where we work . . . our learning and leadership development events start from application and work backwards . . . we build leadership and learning as social artefacts of your organization, not as a pretty model in somebody’s desk drawer.