Leader led

We transformed Executive Development and Global Leadership Development for over 12,000 leaders at BHP Billiton using leader led tools and approaches, so we have experience at scale, with proof of impact. 

Your leaders have to be your best teachers.  They have the ability to impact your people in untold ways:   Bringing business context, strategic alignment, and a wealth of personal experience to the development of your people.  Additionally, our work has shown us that a focused application of leader led learning is the best way to –covertly- develop your senior leaders, and get sustainable results. 

Because leadership is about application, not theory

Our approach goes beyond content development; we build local skill, enable the appetite, and put in place mechanisms to track and report on performance.  Leader Led approaches frequently fail because they fail to understand context, and they don’t use the right leverage.  We help organizations rewire the “cement layer” of middle management  --where most change efforts die –getting leaders to engage their teams around the right problems in new ways.  Our approaches embed leader led tools for sustained improvement in engagement and track performance and improvement across time.