How we work

Like Minds Advisory was founded to offer a different lens on how the world approaches the interplay of people and business.  We believe leadership and learning are a contact sport; we build learning into how work gets done, using the leverage points that exist in your people’s lives.

Based on twenty years of award winning, global work - both inside and outside of organizations - we start from a different place.  We understand that all organizations are on a journey, so we work with clients in wide array of ways:

  • Fully integrated cultural transformation work . . .

    • We work with CEOs and senior leaders to transform, in embedded ways, their culture quickly, with results. 

  • Embedding Learning through Routines, Functions, and initiatives

    • We work, in targeted ways, to impact social systems by addressing critical Routines, leverage Functions as learning agents, and building learning and embedment into the deployment of key initiatives. 

  • Reshaping Development Programs

    •  We design development programs to impact how work is done.  We build from application, backwards, so ROI discussions are mute.

  •  Leader led tools and feedback mechanisms

    • We customize leader led tools, and offer a subscription to our library, so that businesses and their leaders can build learning into the day-to-day.  Our Feedback App ensures effective tracking and impact. 

  • Sustained Advisory work

    • We serve as thought partners for internal teams trying to enable different approaches to learning and leadership development. 

We are flexible in how we look at, and shape pieces of work.  However, if we don’t think a particular piece of work will add value to your agenda, we won’t take it on.

We work with a limited number of clients, because quality comes first. Our ability to deeply understand how you work and what you need to change is paramount to our impact.