US Team


Todd founded Like Minds Advisory as a gathering place for people who are dedicated to impacting social systems, changing how work gets done and developing great leaders. 

He believes that the gap between the vision held by senior leaders, and what people actually do, day-to-day is vast, and becoming vaster.  LMA was founded with a view that organization’s current approaches to learning and leadership development are stuck, and need a new direction.   He is passionate about initiating this change.

Todd has worked globally with Executives from multiple sectors  for almost 20 years.  Over his career, Todd has worked in the boutique Executive Development space globally, headed Learning and Leadership Development for BHP Billiton, and has sat on the Executive Committee for Duke Corporate Education.  Todd’s expertise in Learning and Leadership Development has been recognized by awards and publications across the world.


More than a decade of corporate experience – in finance, investment banking, sales and management – followed by 14 years as a clinically trained psychotherapist has given Ken a unique perspective on leader development and organizational effectiveness. He knows that people, and the culture they create together, are what make or break any change effort.

Ken coaches senior leaders, designs and delivers development programs, and supports change efforts for clients across the globe. He has taught for Duke Corporate Education, Melbourne Business School, and Georgetown University.

Ken has worked with leaders and executive teams in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia, and he speaks fluent Portuguese.


25 years ago Dr. Seemann left the Operating Room for the Board Room.   In Switzerland she’s been dubbed ‘Sturmerprobte Chirurgin für Unternehmen’ the ‘Storm-Tested Surgeon for Business.’

Patricia’s specialty is working with CEOs on their “wicked problems”.  Those that are are deeply entangled with other problems; defy clear definition and have no known solutions. Attempts to solve them have unintended consequences, and as you try to deal with them they morph. Think of strategy balancing the short and long term, reputation, innovation and organizational culture. It’s daunting, to say the least.
Patricia is an eclectic and creative thinker who gets “in the ring” to build a culture of learning, experimentation and design. 

She holds a Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Heidelberg and has served as a CEO herself, has worked in medicine and corporate finance.


With two decades of experience running an international business, Christine heads up the Operations for Like Minds Advisory and Leadership Marks.  She provides oversight to the growth and development of different aspects of the business with a global view.