Your people are stuck

Change is difficult, because people are stuck in the sludge of old ways of working.Your people have built work habits that belong to the past, but your agenda is planted firmly in the future –we help you bridge those worlds.

Remember: You’re not trying to impact individuals . . . you’re trying to impact the social system in which they thrive.



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Leader Led Learning Subscription Service

LMA offers a subscription service of leader led tools to reshape your culture and your leaders, by accessing and creating tools that they can teach, and then using on-going health checks to help them get better. Our tools and approaches get your leaders to engage their teams around the right problems in new ways, and drive the embedment of learning day-to- day.

  • icon-wh-eye People who are dissatisfied with what is accomplish with traditional investments in Learning and Development,
  • icon-wh-graph1 People who want to challenge organizational norms, and do things differently, day-to-day, and,
  • icon-wh-science People who want to bring out new levels of performance.

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Fix the Right Problems

We start from a different problem: We fix social systems. Change doesn’t occur in a vacuum, it occurs amidst day-to-day expectations, routines, and assumptions –this is where we work. Organizations and value chains are complex social systems that protect the status quo. We address the social web of routines, patterns, and ways of working that conspire to kill change; we find tangible ways for your people to bring your vision to life.

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Our name, “Like Minds Advisory,” serves three purposes:

  • warning It is a warning:
    • Organizations domesticate people, they build ways of thinking that are far too alike in their people . . . leaders should be cautious about how “like minded” their people are.
  • offer It is an offer:
    • We work with people of a “like mind” to us . . . people who want to change the world, and are not satisfied with how things have been done in this space.
  • promise It is a promise:
    • We “like minds” and we’ll make you think differently about how to get great performance . . .